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Press Kit


Developer: Christian Sparks
Based in Washington State, USA

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC

Socials: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
TikTok, YouTube

Steam Store Page



Snaccoon is a stealth/exploration game set in a dense, stylized city. The player controls an above-average-intelligence raccoon searching for snack foods after the local city government has banned them. Stumbling across a budding black market of cakes & chips, players will have to steal phones & items to engage in a series of deals that will take them all over the city to trade their way up to a coveted box of their favorite treats.



Snaccoon started off as a hobby project by Christian Sparks during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Development was off and on as other projects & contract work were routinely juggled, but attention to the project kicked off in May of 2022 when Christian made a blog post talking about wanting to settle on a single, specific side project to devote his leftover gamedev energy after finishing up at his day job. Since then, Christian has been working steadily on the project, releasing dev blogs at and putting together a teaser trailer that premiered in the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022.



  • Snaccoon's locomotion system focuses on ease of movement through densely packed environments that would be a chore to navigate through with traditional jump - adjust - land platforming controls. Jump locations are highlighted to the player & Snaccoon will automatically clear the gap, making the focus & challenge of the game more centered around how the player explores the world, as well as how well they balance timed trade deals & the distance to cover to complete them.

  • The story in Snaccoon contains a shifty city government, misallocated waste control funds, a red herring snack ban, and a tense mayoral election. While the raccoon doesn't have any motives to sway these conflicts one way or another, the way the player interacts with the city and its citizens will have coincidental effects on their outcomes.

  • The world is showcased as a sprawling, densely packed city, with beautiful, stylized lighting & rendering. The main focus of Snaccoon is the raccoon and its exploration of & interaction with a city full of content.




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